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Cancer In Stealth Mode

Our government has spent well over $105 billion dollars and exactly 40 years to fight it. Still, cancer ranks as one of the four top leading causes of death in the United States.

Little optimism remains that we are winning this “war” against such an ominous and insidious killer. As I talk about chronic disease, the word “cancer” remains unique in its ability to command attention – even invoke a moment of silence – in any audience, large or small.

This year, more than 500,000 Americans will die of cancer. Some six million people die worldwide from cancer every year, most of them in the developed world.

The cells of your body divide billions of times each day. During that process, chances are good that something will go very wrong and one or more of those cells will mutate into cancerous cells.

Nutritional Supplements to Die For

He was just 23 years old. Steve Belcher was a pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles. Believing he was a little overweight, Steve took some diet pills just prior to his spring training.

Who would have thought the ephedra in those pills would propel his body temperature to 108 degrees, resulting in heatstroke, and death?

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